Museum of Chicot County Arkansas
614 South Cokley Street, Lake Village, Arkansas 71653

The Museum of Chicot County Arkansas is located in a turn of the century medical infirmary which was founded in 1910 when Dr. E. P. McGehee opened his infirmary and surgery in a victorian house (still discernible). After the 1927 Flood the building was expanded to its present size of approximately 15,000 square feet.

It became known as the "Mayo of The South" as Dr. McGehee was a well known surgeon and stayed abreast of the latest techniques, instruments, and equipment. This was the first air-conditioned hospital in the state of Arkansas. It was family owned and received no government aid.

It is an experience not soon forgotten to meander through the patient rooms,  emergency room, surgery, lab, maternity delivery room, nursery and the doctors offices  which contain many original surgical and medical instruments and equipment.
The main focus is on rural medicine but also contains the following artifacts:

  • Pictures and history of the Italian Immigration to Chicot County to Sunnyside Plantation in 1895 where they served in peonage.
  • Senior graduation pictures of Lakeside High School as early as 1921 and as late as 1980. Early sport pictures and trophies.
  • Early sports pictures and throphies from Lakeside High School and Central High School.
  • Pictures of the 1927 Flood and 1912 Overflow.
  • Early dental office complete with instruments and equipment.
  • War room with military artefacts, pictures and maps.
  • 1940's magazines and newspapers.
  • Charles Lindberg's first night flight, which was in Lake Village.
  • Battle of Ditch Bayou... Civil War information
  • 100 years of memorabilia from the C.H. Reynolds Lodge
  • Two reading rooms with old newspapers and information on Lake Chicot.
For Tour: Call Eleanore Burge (870) 265-2358 Home or (870) 265-2868 Museum

Open: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

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